“I decided then and there to get ‘back up on the horse…'”

Testimonial: (Thank you so much for the kind words–this was submitted by a reader this week.)

“This blog is amazing.

Tayler’s words hit home, and I am grateful I was able to read them and that she was able to pen them so simple and powerful. I have always had the goal of a celestial marriage in sight, but lately I have wavered from that commitment. Dating is a hard and very emotionally challenging thing. Time after time I was shot down, torn apart, had my heart broken and was even ridiculed. It is discouraging. About a year ago, I decided to start a business, and I put so much time and effort into it that I never had time for dating or even expanding my social circle. I pretty much decided that I was going to focus on expanding my own wealth and maybe if I met a girl by chance I might get to know her and take her on a date. I focused on my own dreams and aspirations and put marriage and an eternal family to the side.

Valentine’s Day of 2017: Tayler posted a link to her blog in a social media group we both belong to and I opened it more out of dedication to the contents of the group than curiosity. I read her first post and I realized that the more I focused on me, the less I saw those around me. What started out as a desire to escape the stress and craziness that is dating in the 21st century, became a selfish desire. I had become the one thing that I never wanted to be. I became a selfish, self-serving, terrible human being. I decided then and there to get back “up on the horse” as they say. I have reached out to friends and family and am trying all I can to be caring and serve those around me. I have also started dating again. Tayler knows what she is talking about. Read and listen to the contents of her blog and try to put into practice the things she teaches. I now have a whole new outlook on love and will continue to work on becoming a better more Christ-like individual while searching for the best friend I will spend eternity with.”

-Name withheld

I am so grateful they were willing to share this with me!!

Looking Ahead: One thing that got me “back on the horse” when I got to college was this book below–we will be starting up a virtual book club for all the laddies interested in reading it, here soon!


Click on the book to get your own copy!

Don’t worry gentlemen, we have some great opportunities coming for you too!