What’s A Best Love?

Welcome to My Best Love!

Isn’t love an adventure?! Falling in love with someone, romantically, is one thing. However, falling in love and becoming best friends is true joy! Each of us wants to love and be loved, and love is a journey. That’s where we come in! Here you will find everything from how to keep love simple, how we can be our best selves, to incredible reads, to panels where YOU can ask men and women questions about dating (let’s make this not so scary, by understanding one another more–we are beautifully different, and I am so grateful we are!) to date ideas you can try that weekend. I post every Tuesday, on purpose. 🙂 I’ll toss out some thoughts and ideas, and if it strikes you as something you want to try, the world is yours for the taking! Tuesday gives the men the prime amount of time to plan and ask a friend to go out that weekend.

Remember, you will most likely go on every kind of date imaginable. Funny?….definitely! Goodbye comfort zone?….hasta la vista! Break your heart sometimes?……kinda comes with the territory. You always learn something. As hard as some are, you will always walk away as a better person. Remember, it’s a journey. We are always changing and growing between dates. That is another reason for Tuesday–there will be things posted that will make you think, and maybe change how you do things. If in an effort to be our best selves, change is good.

I was given advice one time, from someone I respect deeply. He said to “make the study of love a lifelong pursuit.” I have been on that journey for a bit now, and it is the greatest lifelong endeavor I have ever taken on. The invitation is open to each of us.

As we come to love more deeply, we will find more joy and peace within the pages of our lives, and we will become our best selves. And I don’t know about you, but I most definitely want to have a “Best Love” in my life. That adventure starts today!



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