Meet The Love Guru

Hello everyone!! I am Tayler. With an “e.” 🙂 Born in California, I grew up outside of Denver, and then in beautiful Montana. (So I went from Ray Bans on the beach, to art and music, to cowgirl boots and open spaces.) At the end of the day, I like it more on the small-town side, and I think Montana has my heart. I did get to spend 18 months, serving a mission in North Carolina. That was an incredible adventure, and I learned to love even more. I am blessed with an amazing family. Dad takes credit for my big brown eyes, and eternally cold hands, and says I get my heart from my mom. They are both incredible people. I also have siblings that always have my back, and have taught me a lot about love.

Don’t worry, I don’t just blog about love 🙂 Life is made up of many things. I find joy in country dancing, music, and yes, writing. I feel though, with every fiber of my being, that our relationships are one of the most important things in life. A Best Love makes all the difference in the world.

I have had many fears in my life–many around this huge idea of finding a best love, and getting married. Especially in the whole choice department. Thankfully I have learned I don’t have to fear, and it has become a great influence in the creation of My Best Love.

I am a hopeful romantic. (no, that was not a typo) True hope is expectation.

I believe that even as imperfect as we all are, love should and can be wonderful, unique, personal, and strong. I do not want to be one to say I have a fragile marriage. Precious? Yes. Special? Yes. But do we have to fear that it will be gone in the blink of an eye? If we do all we can, absolutely NOT! It’s what I would like to call from here on out, a “Best Love.” We have every reason to be optimistic when it comes to love. I also believe the depth of love in our lives rests on the choices we make.  How incredible is that !?

A final note:

Like many of you, I do have faith in Jesus Christ. As I learn more about love, I draw closer to Him, and become more like Him. Even if you do not believe in Christ, we all believe in doing good and being good. We can all believe in love, and with it, change the world.

With a grateful heart,


Photo: Matt James did an absolutely incredible job-I LOVED working with him!


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