Top 10 Things I have learned from My Best Love:

Two years ago, today, My Best Love went live, and it was incredibly exciting and daunting all in one. I can also honestly say my heart today, is very different than what it was like then. It was in a good place, but I have learned so much about love, I can’t help but reflect and share today. One of the biggest changes, and miracles was finding My Best Love. Not the blog, but my best friend and love of my life and beyond. Daniel is the man who makes my heart race and stop, seemingly at the same time. The one I want to call when something exciting or something hard happens, and the one who I am sharing this great adventure, called life, with. I learn something from him every. single. day. Heaven was not messing around when our paths crossed. And let me tell you, if I had even had a glimpse of what it would be like together, I would have been willing to wait for him forever.

But, without further ado:

  1. You never know what or who you truly need, until you find them. TRUST GOD!
  2. You can never be too quick to apologize, and you feel so much better afterward!
  3. Slow down to feel, whether that’s to ponder the blessing of the day, or snuggle up on the couch.
  4. Packing a lunch, smiling, hugs, talking = I love you.
  5. There is nothing wrong with feeling your love is the most handsome man to walk the earth. I’m serious, he is!! He’s as handsome and strong as he is loyal and compassionate.
  6. You have to be vulnerable. Have to. It can be hard, but embracing new experiences takes you to far greater heights than you can imagine.
  7. It’s ok, and important, to make sure you take care of yourself.
  8. When in doubt, serve. Daniel and I may have both planned to make breakfast for the other, and he was at my apartment with world class french-toast, and I was about to leave for his house armed to make some mean waffles. I could not have planned a more incredible Valentines day morning!
  9. Take lots of photos!! They are the best keepsake! PS: Keep an eye out for the ultimate photo bucket list coming soon!!
  10. This is YOUR story. Not anyone else’s. Live it to the fullest, and live it with faith and hope and trust. It will be unlike any other person on the planet. Doesn’t that just give you butterflies and chills all at the same time!!?? 🙂
  11. And make sure to go on adventures. 🙂

I wish you the very best Valentines day! Yes, it can be romantic, and that is wonderful and good and important, but at the end of the day, it’s all about love. The first post ever launched on My Best Love is all about that kind of love: Love Starts Today .

Lots of Love,


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