27 Dates that cost $5 or less:

I feel like two of the biggest enemies to date night are lack of time and/or money.  Though it isn’t always the case, a lot of dating tends to happen in the college, or young adult years. I know for me, I can tend to run low on both money and time, when you have books, tests, work, and school. But, after looking at it, I think to budget out $20 a month for date night is an awesome place to start. I’d love to delve into it more deeply in the future, but for now, when time and money are tight–and even when they aren’t!!–you don’t have to skip date night! I’d love to hear about which ones rocked, and what you would add to the list!

27 Dates that cost $5 or less:

  1. Photobooth in the mall
  2. Bubblegum bubble contest
  3. M & M get to know you (link coming soon)
  4. Face mask night- head to Target or Walmart and pick out facemasks for a spa night
  5. Hot chocolate night
  6. Memory Lane – go through FB feed/ photos (virtual photo albums)
  7. Print off your favorite photos you have together
  8. Make a bucket list
  9. Master the self-portrait with Your Next Date: Not-so-typical Speed Dating
  10. Make a box of cookies, or a package of cinnamon rolls and talk about your day or read a book together
  11. Ice cream at home
  12. Celebrate something with Martinelli’s and wine glasses from a thrift store.
  13. Foot rubs and work out each others’ shoulders. Put on a movie, or some music, or enjoy the quiet time to catch up and unwind.
  14. Go hiking
  15. Look for $1 theater, outdoor movie, or get a group together for a movie night
  16. Take a frisbee or a basketball to the park, and forget about looking cool, but let yourself get a little competitive.
  17. Breakfast for dinner, or pancakes at midnight.
  18. Watercolor
  19. Act like a tourist and find awesome postcards to send random notes to friends or family, or write a note to your future selves.
  20. Yoga session in the living room, off of Youtube or a Yoga site
  21. Campfire and hotdogs or s’mores Dating Ideas: Campfire and Quality Time
  22. Plan your dream trip. Pop some popcorn and research what it would actually take to go on the trip you’ve been talking about.
  23. Go to (walking is fun too) a bakery and pick out cookies, or doughnuts, or some treat.
  24. GAME NIGHT! Check out a list next week, of some of the best two-person games my brother and his wife play at least WEEKLY.!
  25. Take your car to the carwash, and make it a date.
  26. I spy in a museum or take a walk downtown
  27. Pack a lunch and take a day trip.

There are so many others that could be added, so please leave your favorites in the comments! Plus, it’s a Tuesday, so there’s plenty of time to ask someone out for this weekend. Good luck with work, midterms, or whatever adventures you have going on.

Plus here’s a few more ideas for the road: Date Ideas: Top 5 No-Cost Dates

Also, a quick note: Most of the time, simple is best. Don’t overthink dating, but enjoy the time, and make some rockin friends, and you’ll find your Best Love.



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