10 ways to say “I Love You” in 10 minutes or less:

With so much social media and the amount of comparison that takes place between all of us in our society, I think acts of love sometimes are aggrandized. Let me explain.

Some use “#relationshipgoals” or “#couplesgoals” to highlight “the dream.” That was way too many quotations in one statement, but I feel like there really is something about our culture that tries to be the MOST creative, the BEST couple, or even the MOST extravagant with some things. Elaborate Youtube proposals, and Instagram bragging posts, are everywhere. Now, I am a HUGE believer in bragging about your Best Love when you’re on a double date with another couple, or at a family get together. Best Loves need to hear how proud you are of them. An example would be meeting up with your church group, and at a relevant point of the conversation, you talk about how you are so grateful that he or she is so supportive of you being in school, or that you really should see your best love hit the basketball courts! It sounds silly, but it works!

Going back to posts and videos, I am not saying it is a bad thing to tell the world you love someone. I am saying though, that I think it is most important that we tell and show that one person, that we love them. Those kinds of “I love you’s” might even be far more lasting and effective than an immortalized post on social media. For those of us who are good at publicly saying “I love you,” and for those of us who aren’t, here are 10 ideas that take 5- 10 minutes, in person, to tell and show our love. These are the things that make your actual status change in the best ways! 🙂

  1. Sit and listen. I know it sounds basic, but the question is, do we do it? Just stop for 10 minutes and give your best love all of your attention, thought, and concern.
  2. Have a “remember when” moment. Take their hand, or pull them in close, or just look them in the eye and bring back one of your favorite shared moments. It could be hilarious, special, or just a crazy adventure, but it shows you treasure the memories you’ve made together.
  3. Go for a walk. It’s time, endorphins, holding hands, and fresh air.
  4. Put some music on, and dance in the kitchen, the living room, or take it outside to your favorite view.
  5. Do their least favorite chore, or take their car to the carwash.
  6. Read together for 10 minutes from a book you’re both reading.
  7. Stop in on their lunch break, or at the office to grab a kiss and see how their day is going.
  8. 5 minute shoulder rub. If they are a touch person, they will be singing your praises for days!
  9. Leave a note with a few of the things about your best love, that you’re grateful for.
  10. Make lunch, or take a snack or a glass of water to the couch, the office, or wherever they’re in the middle of homework or a project.

I am sure you have awesome ideas to show you love your best love. Please add them in the comments below, and I will catch up with you soon!

Keep it simple,

love, Tayler

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