15 Sugar-Free Dates:

Oh my Lanta, it has been a while!! I have been in the middle of starting my photography business back up, working again as a wedding dress consultant, and even scheduling commercials for TV…. right now life is really busy, but a very good chapter.

Amidst all of this, I had the thought to cut sugar (processed/extra sugar) out of my diet. Do you want to know what has been happening? My anxiety went down by 75%. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, that is perfectly fine, but for me, that is HUGE!!!!! I had no idea anxiety could be so closely related to blood sugar. Needless to say, in celebration of this tiny discovery, or victory in my life, we’re asking ice-cream dates to step aside for a moment, and presenting the best “sugar-free” dates from My Best Love! Summer is still in full swing, and there’s still time to make some plans for the weekend. I hope you enjoy some of these sweet dates—completely sugar-free!!

  1. Hammocking (they make double-sized hammocks that are stellar for two people!)
  2. Facial night (gentlemen have faces too, and it is awesome for your skin!)
  3. Go DANCING!! If it’s your best love out on the dance floor with you, and you sneak in a kiss…you’re good. That’s a legal kind of sugar. 🙂
  4. An outdoor movie with a projector (this is an awesome one to double or triple on)
  5. 20-questions and a picnic. Grab a list of questions off Pinterest, or each of you come up with them ahead of time.
  6. Disposable Camera Day is a favorite here!
  7. Shoulders rubs and a movie. Some weeks get intense! Personally, I have decided I need to either pay to get my shoulders worked out twice a month, or marry the Hulk… I’m thinking option one…
  8. Get competitive and play pool, go bowling, play some tennis, basketball, or whatever sport you enjoy. Maybe you alternate on this one, with each of your favorite sports.
  9. Find some good BBQ (yes, there is sugar if it’s in the west….but I think you’re good 🙂
  10. Find a concert, and if it’s formal, dress up like you’re off to the opera! (You can also dress up (suit, evening gown) and go to a movie–technically it’s the premiere for you!)
  11. Go find some service opportunities! Check out www.JustServe.org to find projects close by in your own community.
  12. Write and illustrate a book. “How we met” is always a fun one.
  13. KARAOKE Night (Just imagine my dad saying it in his Japanese accent–it sounds much cooler! 🙂 ) P. S. He does actually speak Japanese. There are come Karaoke places, but also getting a few other couples together and pulling it off Youtube can be a blast!
  14. Going for a drive, or a day trip, and singing with the radio. If you don’t have a “song” yet, this would be your chance! You could pick a town close by, or a scenic spot to sit and take in the view.

I saved the best for last….

15.  Pray for rain. Go dancing in the rain, puddle jumping, or just have a “rainy day” and stay in comfy clothes, play card games, watch a movie, make breakfast for dinner, and just spend time together doing the things you say you would always love to do.

I am back, and you can expect much more frequent posts from My Best Love, but I hope you are finding joy in the journey.




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