What is the Future of My Best Love?

I had a professor who would always remind us of “TTT.” That was his way of saying that “Things Take Time.” I would even add that often the best things in life can take the most time. Right now, at My Best Love, we are looking ahead to stellar content, inspirational love stories, and creative ideas and resources to help us on our paths of finding and creating Best Loves. With all the content and plans ahead, it is going to take time–lots of time. With that, the next new content will be posted Tuesday, July 3, 2018. 

This six-month time will be an opportunity for many of us to take the things we already know, and apply them more fully in our lives. I know that I haven’t mastered How to Argue with your Best Love, or have yet to use all the ideas on Don’t Let Travel Get in the Way: Stay Connected even when you’re apart. The vision of My Best Love is for each of us to be able to spend 10 minutes on the blog, take an idea, and apply it to better your relationship.

The other day I was waiting for a class to start, and talking with a classmate. I mentioned I had been working on blog stuff that morning, and he asked what my site was called. At the end if class he tells me he really liked the blog, that he’s been looking for a date night idea for him and his wife that weekend, found and loved Short and Sweet: Top 12 Dates for when you only have an hour or less , and had already gone online and checked out a book for them to read together for some quality time. That is the purpose of My Best Love. Take it and live!

While you’re here, you will find tools, so you can get off line and truly live it. Pinterest if fun, facebook is convenient, and instagram may be beautiful, but it isn’t reality.  If the content of My Best Love simply stays on the blog, there is no use. I challenge us all to live!

Take an idea and run with it! If you need a place to start, try something from the  30 Day Dating Challenge: Jump Start your dating life! or the collection of Dates and Other Cute Ideas. I can guarantee some laughs with Your Next Date: Not-so-typical Speed Dating or chances for great conversation with One Way to Her Heart: Through the Dishes.

Even though I won’t be posting, please feel free to send your ideas my way. My contact info is under the Drop a Letter tab.

In the pursuit of Best Loves!




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