7 Simply Different Winter Dates: (You’ll want to try…)

Happy week of Thanksgiving!! I love that we have a reminder to reflect on the things we are grateful for. Personally, I am thankful for a loving God, my family, my experiences, grapefruit, mugs, Chacos, hope, dancing, and many more things. But, I am grateful we have the ability to love and connect with people. Let’s kick off winter by getting to know some incredible people, on these warm winter dates:

  1. Go shopping for the craziest or best socks you can find–matching is not required, but may be funny!  If you’re headed to any holiday parties, this can be fun!
  2.  Skittles Bowling: Go bowling, but bring a pack of skittles. Make a rule for each color, and  (Get creative!) take turns drawing a skittle to see how you are to take your turn.
  3. Get to know you, M & M’s:  (This is almost a secret weapon if you’re dating someone, or are trying to get to know them) This one could be fun if you’ve been at the library and take a break, or if you go on a walk and sit for a minute. Take turns picking a color, and each color will be something different to share. Ex: Red= family inside joke, Yellow= story from growing up, Blue=Accomplishment you’re proud of–the sky is the limit! Note: You could bring some, and if you use them, great, and if not, you’ve got a pack of M & M’s to enjoy.
  4. A Day in the Life of the Invisible Man: I cannot take credit for this one, and I cannot recall where I read it, but it is an adventure! Take a pair of shoes or boots, and take photos of them in different places around town as if the “invisible man” is wearing them. Create a story of the day in the life of the invisible man. (You can each bring a pair of boots or shoes, and create a story of Mr. and Miss Invisible.)
  5. Soup’s on! This time of year, food bloggers are gushing with soup recipes! Soup is pretty forgiving, and spending time in the kitchen combined with conversation over a mug of soup will get you some quality time together. You could also turn this into a group date, and make it a game night.  If you are looking for more group dates check out: 22 Group Dates you’ll Fall for this Fall!
  6. Undercover Notes: Grab a pad of sticky notes and pens, and set out to a library or public place and write encouraging notes and hide them where they won’t be noticed right away, but where someone will find them. Don’t forget to sneak a note to your date at the end of the night! Major props if you can get it in a coat pocket, wallet or purse without them noticing!
  7. Thank You Night: With it being the week of Thanksgiving, and the fact that there is always something to be grateful for, this one is all about gratitude. Buy thank you notes/cards and stamps; Write notes to the people that mean the most to you. Get addresses ahead of time, or send them out later. While you’re sitting and writing notes together, you’ll get the chance to talk about why these people mean so much to you, and most likely some memories and stories will ensue. I think you’ll find some sweet conversations. Obviously this idea is well paired with Hot Chocolate, or even take-out.  🙂

One Last idea!! So I guess there’s 8 ideas today, but if you and your date are pretty close best loves, have a photo night where you each share photos from throughout your life, or from life events that are important to you. Snuggle up on the couch, and share some of your memories with each other.

Even though the temperature is dropping, there is something warm about the holiday season; People seem to be brought together by the holidays. Let’s not forget to slow down a little and spend time together. Which date will you try this month? If you have more ideas, always feel free to comment below!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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