Your Next Date: Not-so-typical Speed Dating

This last week, a woman I love very much, passed away. I am not exaggerating when I say there have been many tears since last Tuesday night. Even though I know I will see her again, my heart still aches for her family, and for the place she left. With that said, I have spent much time checking my watch, wanting the classes, or work, or meetings to pass, so I wouldn’t have to put a face on anymore. Sometimes life is very hard, but as my friend taught me, we can find joy even in the trials. Today was one of those days where you don’t sleep much the night before and get up to find a sty in your eye. With that, you ditch the makeup and the contacts, and you put on a brave face. After going about most of my day, my home stretch was an art class. I gave myself a pep-talk as I walked up to the classroom. All I had to do was get through art, and I would be home free!

After the lecture portion, my art instructor told us we were going to do “speed dating” for the rest of the class time. We all looked around uneasily, as some of us were married, some of us taken, and some of us, single. What on earth did speed dating have to do with art??? We were then given the task to find partners, and draw what is called a blind contour. We were to face our parter, take a big sheet of paper, and draw their portrait….without looking at our paper!! No one cared what it looked like, but we were to simply sketch the person’s face, in three minutes, without looking at the paper.

We had a blast! (It had nothing to do with dating, but sitting there, I realized it could be the best date idea!) It was so fun, that I bumped the original post for today, and came home and took goofy selfies with some of the drawings, just to post this idea today!! For one round, we were told to make a crazy face for our partner. Another round we had to tape two pencils together. We seemed to mix it up with each turn. But here is part of why I even post it: for the first time in a week, I wasn’t watching the clock, and I sincerely smiled and laughed through class. It was something we all got lost in, and before we knew it, class was gone. It doesn’t take artistic skill, but rather it lets you study your partner’s face, and have lots of good laughs. Like art class, dating is meant to be enjoyed. I am excited for you to find some laughs and quality time with blind contours!

Let’s do this!!

Materials: It really is this simple!

  1. Paper- Newsprint worked super well (I bought a pad of 50 huge sheets for $7 at hobby lobby)
  2. Pencils. (You could totally do crayons, markers, or colored pencils to mix it up!)

You could do this easily with a group as we did in class, or if it is you and your date, create a list of challenges or ways to draw your partner.

Set a timer (3 minutes worked well) for each turn, (only one partner draws at a time) and remember, DO NOT LOOK AT YOUR PAPER! After you’ve both gone, you can switch partners.

Ideas for Blind Contours:

  • Make a funny face for your partner to draw
  • Use two colors
  • Try to carry on a conversation the whole time
  • Draw profiles
  • Tape two pencils together so each mark is two lines
  • Draw only half the face
  • Try not to laugh the entire time…
  • Have your partner pose in the middle of saying a word
  • Draw your partner with their eyes closed
  • Change your grip on the writing utensil
  • If you’re super ambitious, draw with your toes!

Just a few tips:

  • Don’t rush! A three minute timer is longer than you think!
  • You just have to laugh!
  • Throw them up on the fridge, or have fun with displaying them randomly.
  • Studying your partner’s face is 90% of the process, so take the chance to notice things you maybe haven’t before.
  • This is a prime date idea to take on the go! Pack a pad of paper and some pencils the next time you go for a picnic, or when there is time to just sit together. It is a fun way to mix it up, and spend some quality time.


I hope we smile as we’re on this dating journey. Here’s to inspired art teachers, and joyful dates!


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