Disposable Camera Day: A MUST-TRY Date

We are so accustomed to being able to instantly take a picture, see how it looks on our screen as we are taking it, and delete 1,000 photos, because it took 1,001 to get the “right” selfie. Yikes! Let’s mix it up a bit!

I am all about unplugging from our phones and media, to give our all to a best love. Let’s be real: most things can wait. This is why I am entirely in LOVE with this date idea! (Besides the fact that I am on this photo prints kick that has me spray painting more photo frames for my walls, than I am willing to disclose at the moment!)

It’s your call on whether this is better for the first few dates or for best loves, but we’ve got ideas for those in both boats.

The big picture is to not stress what we look like, but have a blast, end up with tangible memories, and ditch the digital. Here are a few ideas, camera-wise:

  • Buy a disposable camera with 20-some shots. (You can even buy some cameras that are entirely water-proof! Talk about fun for summer!) Amazon is prime…no pun intended.
  • Find a film-camera and buy a new roll of film. Just be sure you know how to use it, so you do not lose all of your photos when you remove the film. This could be vintage or the ones we had in the 90’s.
  • Use a polaroid camera instead. This will be a little different than getting the photos developed, but definitely an adventure!

Be sure to tell your date what you’re doing, or if she isn’t the self-conscious type, maybe it could be a surprise. I think it is safe to say though, that most women would want a heads up if you are taking photos all night. Remember too, these are supposed to be real, and the two of you. If that’s baseball caps and t-shirts, don’t change just for the camera! Those will be special memories.

Decide how much time you want to spend, and then where you would want to go. This date is something that you could just do by itself (take photos) in a nearby city for an hour and a half, make it a day-trip or you go somewhere like an amusement park, and take photos throughout the day. It’s pretty versatile. These could be ones you “selfie,” set a timer, take turns manning the camera, or even photos you have strangers take for you.

Or….you could make it a challenge and make some funny memories.

For the first-few-dates people:

  1. Take a photo going there–in the car, bus, train, etc.
  2. Have a stranger take a photo while your backs are to them. (If things are going really well, it’s in the first few dates category, and you want to hold her hand at some point……just a thought. It would be documented.)
  3. Take a photo that would be amazing displayed upside down.
  4. While sitting together, let one person have the camera, and while having to stare at each other for 20 secconds, (or tell them a life story) take two or three random photos of their date. Just trust me on this one–They turn into really neat portraits.
  5. Other person’s turn to take two or three random photos.
  6. Serious photo and pose.
  7. Have a stranger take your photo, but ask them to tell you their best joke before taking it.
  8. Selfie your goofiest faces together.
  9. Take a photo that sums up the place you went to.
  10. With your last shot, wave goodbye to the camera.

For the Best Loves:

  1. Traveling there.
  2. A photo that sums up how you met.
  3. One person has the camera, and while talking about things you admire about your best love, take 2-3 candid portraits of them.
  4. Switch!
  5. One super awkward kiss. Like, create the most awkward fist kiss you could ever imagine.
  6. Have a stranger take a photo of the two of you holding hands and walking.
  7. Take a photo you would display up-side down.
  8. Paparazzi!! Act like your best love is famous, and get some fun candid shots. (try to catch them off guard, or actually have them act like they are avoiding it. You might end up on the cover of a magazine!)
  9. Get up close and personal, and take a closer selfie. Let your faces fill the frame.
  10. Take a serious, model shot of your best love. You’re the photographer, so if you like it when he’s giving you a “you’re crazy” look, or when she lets her hair down, call the shots!
  11. Laughing at one of your inside jokes–this could be a good timer-photo.


These are only ideas, and you can take from both lists, but make some fun memories that you will get to walk away with. Some places can have the photos developed in an hour,(try almost any drug-store like Walgreens, Rite Aid, CVS, etc.) so you could go grab ice-cream while you wait. Another route is to plan to get them in a day or two and look at them over hot chocolate. It’s a great excuse to see them again. 😉

I hope you are finding joy in dating.



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