22 Group Dates you’ll Fall for this Fall!

All the seasons bring their adventures, but fall has a way of bringing people together. From Halloween, to Thanksgiving, and gearing up for Christmas, fall is the perfect time to double up with other couples. Don’t get me wrong, one-on-one time still holds priority, but seeing how your date will do with your family and friends is very important as well. Even more, how will you do with their family and friends? You love them, but would it be good to get your family’s opinion? If it’s appropriate, make it a group to find out!

Here are some favorites from My Best Love, that are fun, cozy, low-cost, and have fall written all over them!

  1. Apple Cider or Hot Chocolate Bar by the fire (inside and low-key): Play group games like apples to apples, charades, taboo, etc. Make a big pot of apple cider or hot chocolate. For the hot chocolate, have couples bring different additions to throw in. You could also take it with you and go exploring. (stargazing, window shopping, walking, etc. )
  2. Find a Corn-maze or a Pumpkin patch
  3. Football season is here! Get together at home or at the football game and have your own “tailgate party.”
  4. Make cookies and take them to neighbors with “gratitude notes” Another idea is having a “cookie swap.” During the evening, each couple makes a different kind and you each bring a jar to fill with the different cookies to take home.
  5. Make caramel apples.
  6. Stargazing: It’s getting chilly, so don’t forget blankets! Learn constellations, and tell stories from growing up.
  7. Carve pumpkins: You could also make a pot of fall soup so no one starves in the process. 🙂
  8. S’mores!! You can find more on the perfect campfire date night here : Dating Ideas: Campfire and Quality Time
  9. Scarecrow building contest: Head to a thrift store or maybe even your closet, and see which couple can build the best scarecrow.
  10. Run a 5K: often there are costume ones!
  11. Costume competition couples style: get costumes ready for a halloween activity, or (if they won’t terrify the public!!) wear them to go out to eat, or stay home and make it a costume party!
  12. Fall hike: Take some great photos!
  13. Iron Chef: Battle of the couples to create the meal!
  14. Haunted house…if you can handle it 🙂
  15. Homemade Pizza Night: there are endless amounts of crust recipes online, and everyone can bring toppings.
  16. Picnic in the Park
  17. Go for a drive in the Mountains
  18. Day trip to a close-by city 
  19. Serve together! Volunteer at a local soup kitchen or find a service opportunity near you on the website Just Serve. I lived in one of the test areas where the program was just getting started. I have used it, it is so easy, and I LOVE IT!!
  20. Pie Party and games: Make different pies, bring the ice-cream, and enjoy it with board and card games.
  21. Find a fair and try your luck with the games and food.
  22. Crazy sweaters and a movie: go to the theater with the “best” sweaters you can find–not Christmas yet, but together, hit Goodwill, or DI to find some that tell everyone, you have arrived! You can also keep it at home, but still rock your sweaters. Don’t forget pictures!!

Let’s all make incredible friends and great memories; There are Best Loves to be found this fall!



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