15 Ways to Help Him Feel like Superman:

Today is for the ladies, sort of. 🙂 (But gentlemen, feel free to read and comment below!)

Best loves are something very special. Whether you found one, are finding one in your spouse/significant other, or you’re in that incredibly important process of patiently navigating the dating world, this is for you. You can try one today, or tuck it in your pocket for a head start when you find your man. But can we be real for a moment? I had the thought the other day about how as perfectly imperfect he may be, it can feel like you’re dating Superman. It’s incredible how he’s your kind of Superman; he loves you and meets your needs in ways he doesn’t even realize. I find those “Superman-moments” are a manifestation of God’s hand in each of our lives, and a testimony-builder that God knows our needs before we can even recognize them in ourselves. But here was my epiphany:

Does your best love feel like Superman?  Acting like superman is more his department, but could we have an impact on if he feels like Superman? Personally, I think YES.

It might not rock your world as it did mine, but it made me sit down and really think how women can help their love feel like Superman.

So here would be the top 15 ways from My Best Love to make your man feel like Superman: (And yes, don’t worry, they were man-approved!)

  1. Use your words-compliment him on his actions, his laugh, his smile, his clothes, whatever you truly love and admire. Maybe it’s his socks that day! Be sincere and specific. P.S. Make it a habit, and it will begin to be second nature to see so many incredible things about him.
  2. Sincerely brag about him when you’re out. Like, in front of your friends, at dinner, with your girl friends, or when you’re together on a double date. He needs to know you are beyond proud to call him your best love.
  3. Go for a kiss before he does, sometimes–we all want to feel wanted!
  4. Especially if his love language is touch, take the opportunities to put your arm around him, or put your hand on his back, or on his shoulder when you pass him. Let him know you’re there.
  5. We make a big deal about goodbyes, but what about hellos?! (**This one is really hard for me, but it is so important!) Drop everything! Yes, everything. Most things can wait 5 minutes for you to give him attention (and a kiss). After all, it’s Superman we’re talking about.
  6. Keep asking questions even if you think you know everything about him….because you don’t. 🙂 Getting to know him means you really care, and brings you closer.
  7. Sincerely ask for his advice, and take it. 🙂 It is so hard to reach out and ask for help, but men are really good at finding solutions, and they’ll probably think of something that never crossed your mind. Let him save your day in that way!
  8. Learn about what he’s passionate about. You don’t have to be an expert, but care and be curious, and even try it  if it’s feasible!
  9. If you pray together, thank God for your best love, and pray specifically for something he is facing. Maybe there’s an interview, or he’s still battling a cold. And you can always pray for him on your own too. 🙂
  10. Look cute–really cute–on date night. Make date nights special. He already thinks you’re beautiful, but men actually like it when we look our best! Let him show you off! Besides, I find I have this extra confidence when I’m all put together.
  11. Let him help you (kind of like before) if he offers. Let him be Superman! Sometimes we can get really good at saying, “it’s fine!” or “that’s ok.” Let. Him. Help.
  12. Protect his man time. Does he like to play basketball with his friends Thursday mornings? Are his brothers in town? Actually put it on the calendar. Even when you have a best love, good friends are very important. (pssst! Man night means, you host or have ladies night which will be good for you too. So put it on the calendar! 🙂 )
  13. Celebrate his successes with him! Jump in on the touch-down dance for his team, or be excited with him when he tells you about a problem he figured out at work. You are his greatest cheerleader, and I am typing this as seriously as I possibly can: being his cheerleader is a very special spot to have. Don’t take it lightly and be his #1 fan.
  14. Be fiercely loyal. That means we don’t even have the appearance of flirting with other guys, we avoid talking about our best loves behind their back, (except good things–compliment away!!)  we are careful with social media, and we keep confidences. Chances are you know them more than most, and again–that’s a special spot to hold in a man’s life.
  15. It’s good to keep it simple sometimes–the little moments mean a lot. Play a board game together, read a book or watch a show/movie together. Give him your time and attention. Those moments are precious.

I hope we can help the Supermen in our lives feel that they truly are our heroes. Here’s to many more “superman-moments” and making learning about love a lifelong pursuit.



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