Short and Sweet: Top 12 Dates for when you only have an hour or less

Priorities can shift, and should, as we go through different chapters of life. But our relationships should always be on our top priorities, right? Yes, it is easier said than done, but keeping the first things first is a lot about planning and perspective. How much do you really value time with your best love? I think that the Lord and our hearts work with us when we do our best. In the dating realm, our best may sometimes just be kissing him for a few more seconds when you see him at the end of the day. Maybe it’s slipping a note on her car, or being sure to say “I love you.” If this is all that can happen, that is your best, and will get you through. But we all need to remember, spending time together should never drop in importance.

Let’s first talk about perspective. If you are a recovering perfectionist like me, than there was probably a point in your life that unless you got to spend a few hours with your best love, it wasn’t “perfect” quality time. It isn’t that I didn’t love every second I could get, but if it didn’t fit my mold of “a date” or “perfect,” I would spend more time worrying we weren’t getting time, as opposed to simply enjoying the moment. We would do well to drop the idea of perfect dates–it has certainly changed my world! If we go in with the expectation of long hours together when there are finals, work, kids, or family things coming up, we will no doubt always be disappointed. So what kind of attitude do you want to have about the time you spend? 

Really, that’s up to you, but gratitude is what I was missing, and it’s a foolproof place to start.

Now let’s get creative. How do you get dates on the calendar when it is already crowded with classes, appointments, study time, kids’ activities, sports, church events, meetings and all the other unplanned things that all sum up to this thing called “life?”

Well, first you pray. 🙂 Then you look at dates as appointments which are just as important as your Dr. or Dentist Appointment or a meeting. Dates are like the  check ins for your relationship. If we want a business to be successful we counsel about it. If we want our relationships to be successful, why not counsel? (Except with this appointment you have the option of it happening over ice-cream, or snuggling on the couch.)

It really is about thinking outside the box, and you might uncover some new favorite things to do together. Here are a dozen favorites that you could do in an hour or less, (The length of an effective work meeting.) and could try out in the next few weeks:

  1. Pack a lunch and meet up in the park–Almost everyone gets a lunch hour, and it is the BEST to see your best love in the middle of the day!
  2. Board Games and Cards–This can be anywhere, anytime. You can take it to the park, show up at their door when they need a study break, or invite another couple to join you if you’ve been meaning to catch up with them. The purpose is to make it short and sweet.
  3. Start a book together and snuggle up on the couch and read for an hour/discuss it together. (Quality time+Physical Touch=Power hour for your relationship)
  4. Go for ice cream. This could be actually going out, or one of you bringing ice-cream and bowls (fyi it tastes better in mugs, but that’s just a personal preference… 🙂 ) over and just hearing how their day was, over ice-cream.
  5. Just go walking. Fresh air and moving around do wonders, and you get to make it as long or short as you want.
  6. Run Errands together–Grocery shopping works great!
  7. Make cookies together, and catch up on your day, take some to a friend, or share them with your kids the next day.
  8. Hit the gym. It feels good, and it’s with the best company.
  9. Listen to music and cool down. Make a playlist together(What an amazing keepsake!), or have your own dance.
  10. Take a hammock out and have some quiet time together and slow down.
  11. Watch an episode of a TV show you both enjoy.
  12. Find a museum to go check out, or a new food spot in town.

There are so many moments to be shared, even if life seems too busy!

For more ideas, check out this remarkable blogger! These were made with the married people in mind, but there are some great ones for the daters to! 🙂

Ways to connect with your spouse in 45 minutes or less.

Don’t worry about the time, just enjoy and count the moments.



2 thoughts on “Short and Sweet: Top 12 Dates for when you only have an hour or less

  1. Thanks so much for sharing, Tayler! I totally relate to wanting to find “perfect” date time. Lately we’ve been watching a lot of movies, since it’s the end of the day and we have two kids in bed. And we’re too exhausted to do anything else! But time together is important no matter what. Board games and cards actually can be some of my favorite times! It’s even fun to get together with another couple and play teams!


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