Date Ideas: Top 5 No-Cost Dates

Ever noticed the time you are dating the most, happens to be when you have the least amount of money? Could it actually be quite an advantage? It helps to cut the fluff in dating, and really decide if you love spending time with the person. (Not if you love to spend time on the cruise, with a person who happens to be with you…) There is definitely a time and place, and great importance in literally “investing” in your dating life, but who doesn’t want to save some, and simply have a good time? Here are the top 5 no-cost dates from My Best Love. Which one will you try this weekend?

  1. Grab front row seats to a sunset or sunrise. Don’t fear the rain–stormy sunsets are the most stunning. 🙂  Remember, you could combine this with a hike, picnic, walk or a drive–make it your own!
  2. Dance in the rain…..or just find a spot to go dancing. It is incredible how much music is at our fingertips—prep a 10 song playlist, go find a spot, and just enjoy each other’s company ( Note: not a very good first date, but a wonderful one if you’re on a date with your best love. I know, this isn’t everyone’s favorite, but gentlemen, just remember, most women will be bragging for months that their best love is the most romantic man on the planet. Don’t forget to spin her softly every once in a while.
  3. Grab a picnic blanket and spend some time at the park. Bring cards, or games. Do you both play musical instruments (I’m partial to the Ukulele, personally 🙂 ) Bring sketchpads and either draw things you see, each other, or play pictionary. If it’s with a serious best love, write your story! Write letters to open up down the road. You could read a book–just enjoy the time together.
  4. Catch those summer stars! I’m spoiled to live where the stars are so bright, but they are beautiful everywhere you go. You can spend the time just talking, or you can try to find the constellations together. Create your own in the night sky! Enjoying the wonders of this world with good company will be a sweet memory.
  5. Campfire it. We love cozy campfires at My Best Love, and there is bound to be someone trying to get rid of some firewood. If you want to plan the best campfire date night, check out this post: Dating Ideas: Campfire and Quality Time.

Best of luck on the next date 🙂 You never know if it will be your best love!



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