Three Lessons on Love, I Learned From My Dog….

Allow me to introduce you to a big, strong, brown-eyed boy with rich wavy hair.  I mean he does drool a little too, but my family has one of the best dogs to ever walk the earth. We’ll call him Jack. He really is part of the family, with his own personality, needs, and history at this point. His patience, loyalty, and attitude are pretty remarkable. But what could Jack teach me about love? Especially enough for you to spend your time on the blog. Let me tell ya, Jack is one wise gentleman.

He and I just wrapped up playing out in the yard, and while we were out there, I realized three things Jack has mastered, that would help all of us in our relationships:

  1. Jack believes in and sticks to boundaries. Yes, we have a fence around our yard, but he is very clear about who he lets in and out. Those who he trusts, let’s say the mailman, are often those who have respected his turf, and have proven to be kind to him and his family. 🙂 Jack isn’t mean, but he lets others know his boundaries. (or their boundaries…..) Being able to communicate our needs, and where we have our own boundaries emotionally, financially, spiritually, physically–whatever it may be, will help us find those who respect our boundaries.
  2. Listen, listen, listen. Jack and I were out throwing sticks–or more like logs—while we were out in the yard. (Workout for both of us!) But, I noticed something. Yes, if he was in the middle of gnawing away the bark of a log, he was pretty preoccupied, but as soon as I would say his name, and look right at him, he almost always gave me all his attention. Seriously, so selfless. Doesn’t everyone appreciates being listened to? How amazing will it be when we are all as quick to listen as Jack? Something for me to work on for sure.
  3. Jack’s definition of a good stick to chew on, is very different than a Chihuahua’s, and that is OK! 🙂 We all come to the table with different viewpoints and paradigms, and usually different is all they are. But, if Jack wanted to find an easy-going, classy girl dogfriend, it would be a really good idea to find one who thinks the sticks really are sticks, or the logs are logs. Otherwise they will find themselves constantly disagreeing every time they come across a stick. Doesn’t mean they agree on everything, but they will at least agree on the big things. ( Sticks mean A LOT to that guy…..) At the same time, they would recognize we all have different perspectives. Understanding goes so far!

Jack could teach us so many things, but imagine the difference it would make if we had clear, personal boundaries, were quick to listen, and recognized we all have different perspectives. Our relationships would grow richer–maybe even as rich as Jack’s big brown eyes. 😉

Life is beautiful,

Tayler + Jack (the sneaky kisser)

2 thoughts on “Three Lessons on Love, I Learned From My Dog….

    1. Love comes in so many forms sometimes, but we definitely all need it in our lives 🙂 you are one of the most loving people I know, so I am sure Miley gets lots of love ❤️


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