Dating Ideas: Campfire and Quality Time

This warms my heart just thinking about it. 🙂 It has the best of everything–it’s warm, it has that classic campfire smell, it is a beyond perfect opportunity to spend quality time, it lets you step away from the stresses of life that get our priorities out of whack, and it really doesn’t cost much. Whether you’re by the beach, in the mountains, or close to a park with a fire-pit, this is a must try. Careful though, you might love it so much, it will become tradition for you and your best love. So let’s break this down!

  1. Pick the people: If this is a first date, though I am not a huge fan of group dates, I would make this a double. Sitting by the fire will stay a little more casual with four people, and it will keep conversations dynamic, and be more comfortable if you are a little ways out of town.
  2. Pick your spot: Find a spot that isn’t a day trip unless that is your actual plan, and just be conscious of fire restrictions. You wouldn’t want to show up and not be able to even have your fire. Remember you could go in the mountains, to the beach, the fire pit in the backyard, or the fire pit at the park. (worst comes to worst, find a friend with a fireplace. 🙂 Sometimes the hoops you have to jump through put you in the best places 🙂
  3. What do you want to do? There are quite a few options. I think you can never go wrong with food, so here are a few ideas:
  • Go classic: let the s’mores work their magic 🙂 We want s’more dates after this right?! (I know, that was cheesy……or marshmellowy….ok moving on!) This is also super easy to split the supplies if a double date, or have one couple bring everything for the fire, and the other couple can bring everything for s’mores.
  • Go Boy Scout Style: roast hot dogs. I rarely eat a hot dog, so when I actually have one, they taste really good!  Like before, split supplies. NOTE TO THE LADIES: It is ok to ask if there is anything you could bring ( You are not derailing the date, or sending the message that the guy can’t do it by himself–gentlemen please take note.) or maybe better yet, if you know what is going on i.e. s’mores, offer to bring the graham crackers, or the chocolate–you get the picture. Either way it is just thoughtful and considerate. 🙂 
  • Go Hobo….. Well, maybe it isn’t the best name, but growing up we called tin foil dinners, hobo dinners, and they are really fun and really simple. If you’ve never done it, you fill a sheet of tin foil with some meat, veggies, spices and wrap it up to put it in your fire. It cooks while you chat, and viola! If you want ideas for making them, just search tin foil dinners and you’ll have plenty of ideas.

Just a few helps:

  1. Definitely get there before dark so you can set up.
  2. Be sure to have everything to start it, but also put it out. Dating is crazy important, but not worth losing a forest over!
  3. Bring a few blankets just in case (this also opens up the chance to hold their hand, or put your arm around them if that ends up feeling appropriate)
  4. This can go as long or short as you want, but don’t overdo it. When the fire dies out, that’s an easy time to call it–you will still get to talk in the car on the way home.
  5. Let the fire fill in the silence, and just enjoy your time. 🙂


Nothing says summer nights are coming like a campfire 🙂 Have an extra s’more for me!

– Tayler

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