Date Idea: Take-out……way out!

Yesterday as I was eating lunch, a group of 5 guys came and sat down at the table.  You could tell they knew each other really well, and were preoccupied in whatever conversation was happening. I was just sitting there, quite awkwardly, and then thought, why not?? Let’s get some guy insight for the blog. 🙂  The first thing they gave me was DATE IDEAS! It came out of one of their mouths about as soon as I got my question out.  So let’s get some date ideas going! This one is prime, because it targets two of your top objectives in the dating arena;Time, and Talk. It’s super flexible and doesn’t take much planning.  Try it out this weekend, and I would love to hear how it goes!

Take out….way out!

How to ask her: “Would you grab dinner with me? What have you been craving this week? (If she plays the “I love everything” card, remember that she is either trying to not be complicated, or she seriously might love almost everything….like this girl!)

Then here are some options for you: the key, is it needs to be take-out (as in able to just take it and go.)

  1. Any sort of traditional Chinese take-out. (Or even Panda Express!) It’s fun, not every day, and I honestly don’t know many people who don’t like it. Just be sure to bring chopsticks AND forks in case she isn’t chopstick savvy. The fortune cookies make for a good laugh and a funny conversation starter too!
  2. Try out some Thai food–it is a bit more distinct, so you might want to run it by them first, but when you order, you will probably end up with a big thing of rice, curry, or whatever you are craving. When in doubt, go mild on the spice! You don’t want your date sweating her mascara off!
  3. Go American with a classic burger and fries–most people don’t get fast food too often, so it actually tastes really good every once in a while, and is pretty inexpensive and casual.
  4. Taco Truck!!! Oh man, there were some good ones out in Charlotte, and really if you ask around you can usually find some wherever you’re at. This would be something that neither of you probably eat on the day to day, so it’s fun to try it out.
  5. Ever considered pizza a take-out food? Well it is perfect for what we are going for! Grab two sodas and you’re golden. 🙂
  6. Pick something local, and just ask for it as carry out. Most places are more than happy to do it.

Now you have to pick a place:

This is what is going to make it prime quality time. You can keep your eye out for something random and close, or something a little further out. Just remember you don’t want your take-out to be cold by the time you finally start eating. Here are a few ideas to jog your imagination:

  1. Pick a park, and either bring a blanket, or find a bench. Who doesn’t like getting some fresh air, with good food and good company?
  2. If your date is super busy, take dinner to wherever they are at and find a random spot. Maybe this is before a night class, or at the library, or durring her break at work.  (If your girlfriend is a little under the weather, and super tired, but it was date night, just going to her apartment would be golden. )It would actually mean A LOT to her, that you were willing to work around her schedule. Definitely run it by her first though.
  3. If you are surrounded my mountains, a ten minute drive can take you to great views!
  4. If you are blessed to be close enough to the ocean? Take dinner to the beach!
  5. Is there a spot something special to the two of you took place? First date? First kiss? Those kinds of places would be great options if possible. 🙂
  6. Maybe you could go and sit on the high school football bleachers and watch the sunset. Just get creative, but don’t feel like it needs to be complicated.

Bonus Points:

-Bring either two water bottles, or something easy to transport/ won’t spill everywhere when you’re trying to get out there.

-Grab extra napkins–nerves and bad luck are no strangers to dates 🙂

-Make sure the spot isn’t too secluded–especially if it is a first date. You don’t want things to get uncomfortable.

-If it isn’t her favorite, don’t take it personally at all! Use it as a conversation starter for what her favorites are. 🙂

-Bring a blanket if you’re going to be on the ground.

-Don’t stress if there is silence, sometimes we just need time to take in the conversation.

-Leave on a high–don’t hang around till it is dark, and you’re both burnt out from talking for hours. Honestly, if you drop her off, and she wishes it had gone longer, you my friend are in a pretty good spot 😉

You’ve got this! Let me know how it goes! Remember, just get to know her, and you’re already closer to a Best Love.


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