How to Craft the Perfect Love Letter

My hopeful romantic side is ecstatic to share this post with you 🙂 I don’t care if you are the wealthiest man or woman, or the poorest college student–if you have someone you care about in your life, take my word for it, and try it. You have no idea what you are missing out on! Today is the day!!

But first, what is a love letter?

If words mean a lot for a person, then a love letter is like a hug they can go back to again and again and again! The secret to the perfect love letter is sincerity, and letting it come straight from the heart. You are taking emotions, memories, thoughts, ideas, and making them tangible on a piece of paper. It is a way to say you are thinking of them, you appreciate them, you are willing to spend time on them, and you are willing to be vulnerable and express you heart.

NOTE: To are those who are more comfortable writing than speaking (This girl!! My hand is up in the air, just an FYI…) THIS IS YOUR GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY TO SAY WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY. Do we need to be able to express things verbally? YES. But written words are another powerful way to do it, and might even help us get better at expressing what we want to express.

Are you ready?? Here are the ABC’s of love letters:

A: A piece of something–you can totally have fun with this. This is your canvas for crafting that perfect letter.


  1. In high school I took all my notes on yellow legal paper, so I wrote any letters on the same stuff. It became my signature, to the point that if I wanted something to be anonymous, I had to switch my paper!! 🙂
  2. Did you go out to lunch together at a certain place? If the napkins have the restaurant logo, get a few (just in case it doesn’t look quite like you wanted it to first time around) and it will add meaning and a bit of spontaneity to your note. I can almost assure you it will end up in their journal, pinned on their wall, or the background on their phone 😉
  3. An instant print of the two of you, or a spot that means someting to you, from a drug store or Costco, is going to be under $0.50. There will be some stray text printed on the back, but either write over it (pick a pen that won’t smudge or run!) or back it with a piece of paper and write on the paper. Take your words, plus the picture that accounts for 1,000 words, and you’ll be in pretty good shape! 🙂
  4. My sister is a pinterest crafting queen, and was making some crazy-amazing personalized mugs with sharpie–who says your “letter” has to be flat?! Pick up a random white or solid mug from the store, and sharpie your thoughts on it. Be forewarned though, they might show it off on their desk at work.
  5. I think you get the picture–you can use anything from printer paper, to a mug, as long as you can write on it.

B: B is for Butterflies, or the things that give you “butterflies.” Let me explain…. You know those moments that fill you with butterflies? Those moments are the ones that you’ll remember, and want to remember. Those are also the stories we tend to keep to ourselves. Those are the things that great letters are made of. Here’s maybe a few ideas to jog your thoughts:

  1. The moment you met, or the moment you realized you cared for your Best Love.
  2. An inside joke between the two of you, that only they would understand.
  3. Something they said or did that just meant the world to you–tell them!!
  4. A list of some of your favorite moments/memories with them.
  5. Why you are so proud of them.
  6. Tell a story of the two of you, from your perspective.
  7. Share a way they have helped you to be a better person.
  8. A few things you love about their personality
  9. Things you admire about them
  10. Things you love to do with them.
  11. Things that make you think of them.
  12. Lyrics to “Your Song”
  13. If you two are more serious, share one of your dreams with them.

If you get a few butterflies thinking about that moment, those are the things we are going for.:)

C: C is for Create

Now, personally I think your handwriting is 50% of why it will be special to them, but you could always type it if you are terrified they won’t be able to read it.  Write how you speak, and write what you mean. 🙂 Will everything come out perfectly? Letters were meant to be perfectly imperfect, so don’t sweat going for “perfect.”

The last thing–and I think this may even be my favorite part, is….

D: D for Delivery-How will you get it to them? Personally, if you can catch them off guard, or let them find it–as much as you’ll wish you could see their face when they read it–it will mean the world to them. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Before you say goodbye, slip it on the dash of their car, or leave it in the passenger’s seat for them to find.
  2. Slip it in a book you know they will get to soon–textbook, note book,  binder, planner.
  3. Put it in their laptop so they find it the next time they go to do homework.
  4. Put it in the fridge…..let’s be honest, we might just check the fridge as often as our instagrams! (or on the refrigerator)
  5.  Right after you say goodnight at the end of a date, hand it to them, and then kiss and run 😉 (you’ve gotta be pretty serious for that one, but you will definitely leave them with a few butterflies.)
  6. Recruit a friend or coworker you trust to put it somewhere where your best love will find it at work or school.

It is easy to get wrapped up in the things we can’t always control–getting sick, crazy work schedules, hard days, and good old life. However, we can control what we do to strengthen our relationships every day. Let the little things work together, and take it from love to a Best Love.





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