30 Day Dating Challenge: Jump Start your dating life!

I know a lot of us are at a funny spot right now–classes are picking up a ton, there are some random colds and coughs hanging on from all the cold weather, but spring has been teasing us for a good week with some sunshine. I feel like dating is sometimes the first and easiest thing to drop. SO SAD!! Have we taken any time to think about dating lately? I think we could all use a 30-day jump start. So, I’ve got a challenge for all of us. It isn’t too intensive, but gets us out there, and makes us think a little outside the box: you’ll be able to follow me on instagram, Pinterest, or the Facebook page, where I will be posting the challenge for each day. Seriously, you never know what will come of it!

  1. Put your phone away, unless you HAVE TO use it. Put it in your backpack so it isn’t tempting. Maybe you check it before you start class, or right when a class gets out.
  2. Look up and around as your are going from class, to meeting, to appointment. Notice the people you pass by, and don’t fear making eye contact.:D
  3. Smile at everyone you walk past today–WARNING: Your face may actually be sore at the end of the day. 🙂 It’s ok, muscles tend to adapt.
  4.  Say hello to three random people during the day.
  5. Make a list of your closest friends, and how they became your close friends. Choose one to make plans to get together with.
  6.  Make a list of your favorite things to do. (Example: Rock climbing, cooking, motocross/ATVs, dancing, ice skating, looking at art, maybe going to concerts….anything that you find joy in doing. )
  7.  Ask one person to do something off your list with you (someone you want to get to know more, or enjoy spending time with…..you don’t even have to think of it as a date….
  8.  Learn a new recipe 
  9.  Compliment two people today
  10.  Invite someone over to make the recipe you just learned. (Fantastic, low key opportunity for conversations!)
  11.  Sit next to someone new in a class, at a church activity, or whatever you find yourself doing that day–conversation is assumed to follow 😉
  12.  Make a list of people you know, or know of, who you want to get to know better. (of the opposite sex)
  13.  Pick one person from the list and plan something with them so you can get to know them better. Something like going to lunch is golden! But this time, make an extra effort to focus on listening to them, and giving them your undivided attention.
  14.  Call a parent or someone you admire and ask them how they met their Best Love. (or you could bring it up in a conversation you have at some point that day–you hear the most incredible stories!! )
  15.  Update your profile picture on social media–we aren’t going to professional, just real, and being yourself.
  16.  Pray to find someone who can become your Best Love. Actually have a sincere conversation with God about the kind of person you are looking for, and be willing to pay attention to thoughts and impressions that come to your mind and heart. He knows us perfectly.
  17.  Try something new–food, movie, book, sport, anything!!
  18.  Invite someone to do an every-day activity with you. Examples: Go to the grocery store, go wash your cars together, have breakfast, studying is ok……but maybe more like an exhibit you need to go to for a class–gotta be able to talk!
  19.  Think of a marriage or relationship you really admire, and make a list of what you would want to emulate in your own future marriage.
  20.  Set one personal goal–whatever you feel like you could work on next.
  21.  Meet two new people and try really hard to remember their names–make a note in your phone after you meet them if that helps 🙂
  22.  Be Grateful–Thank those in your life for all they do, and strangers along the way today who are kind, or help you in any way.
  23.  Go buy a new “date-night shirt” make sure you have a nice pair of jeans or pants, and your shirt or top is comfortable, flattering, and classy. You want to get to focus on your date all night, not messing with uncomfortable clothes.
  24.  First take a deep breath, but make a list of all the people you have dated. Write what you loved about each, what was harder, how you met, what you would do differently looking back, and anything else about your relationships. Look for trends–do you jump in quickly? do you wait for a long time to reach out to someone? do you work well with more introverted or extroverted people? You would be amazed how much we can learn from history! (this may take more than sitting down once….take your time!)
  25.  Have some quiet time to think about the things we talked about yesterday. Be totally honest with yourself and look at the things you do well at with dating, and then pick one thing you want to fine-tune with future relationships.
  26.  Ask someone on a date for the upcoming weekend. Maybe try a different date idea than you have before. Feel free to check out my Pinterest Board for inspiration. But here is the biggest thing to note: this date, just go in with the intent to make a best friend. Trust me–and send me some of your stories afterwards 🙂
  27.  Gentlemen, have a guys’ night–do whatever gentlemen do, and Laddies, have a girls’ night tonight. We all need a recharge, and a healthy dose of space! (Or put one on the calendar, if you’ve got that pesky mid-term scheduled)
  28.  Clean your room–if your room is a disaster, then your life feels more like a disaster! (Courtesy of my incredible roommate, Erin 🙂 )
  29.  Find a way to serve and invite someone to do it with you.
  30.  Write your future spouse a letter–you could talk about some of the things you learned and discovered about yourself or others over the last 30 days, fill them in on your life, or talk about all the things you are looking forward to. I have actually done this a few times, and if we’re going to get personal here, I really need it every once in a while. It is the best feeling to feel like I get to talk to him for a few moments–though I have no idea who will one day read those letters. It is the best reminder that God has a plan for each of us, and we have so many things to be grateful for.


We aren’t going for perfect, but these are some ideas to hopefully create opportunities to get to know incredible people. Can dating be disappointing? Definitely. But hopefully it isn’t discouraging. I’ll be doing these with you, and life has a way of creating unexpected stories. All I know is we truly are blessed when we leave the comfort zone behind.

Here’s to creating Best Friends and Best Loves,


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