Closer Than You Think

(Note: This post has been done for a while, and I kept bumping it back so I could do other things, but I am so excited you all finally get to read it! Enjoy! 🙂 )

After taking the front runner, and two flights, I found myself in Arizona, stuck in traffic in a red convertible mustang. Who’s driving? Grandpa K, and Granny’s in the passenger seat. I honestly don’t think I have ever in my life spent time alone with my grandparents! Let’s just say there are a lot of cousins to go around, so labeling that moment, rare, was an understatement. They were so sweet to pick me up from the airport, and even though I was sick from riding, flying, and then driving, we were off to Pei Wei for some Chinese food. I was so spoiled—good food and family time.

After we had eaten, we each picked a fortune cookie from the middle and I really wish I could remember the fortunes that each of my grandparents got. Either way, I went last, and I think this was the most interesting and timely fortune I have ever opened up. Are fortune cookies inspired? Well, tender mercies do come in many different forms. Usually something only you would appreciate.

“The one you love is closer that you think.”

I read the little slip of paper outloud and we all just kind of looked at each other for a minute. They both knew I had been dating someone, but we had recently parted ways. “The one I love” or “would love” seemed like the furthest thing away. Of course the next night when I headed out to the reception, my grandparents couldn’t resist to say, “You never know what might happen tonight– He’s closer than you think!!” And they may have secretly hoped I would meet a Gilbert, AZ guy, and end up close to them… 🙂 I can assure you, it just made for a few good laughs.

I didn’t have a car down there, so my grandpa let me take his truck. (Let me just mention that it was like a cool Montana summer there, while I had left snow in Salt Lake. That alone made it absolutely wonderful!) I do not know why, but driving a huge truck, with the windows down, watching the sun go down is possibly therapeutic for me. I had left a lot of hard things back in Utah, and I needed that time to think, and really just breathe. While I was getting myself lost every other turn, and eventually heading back to my grandparents’ after the reception, I was thinking about life, and where I was in the middle of it. And I actually thought about that silly little fortune cookie. “Closer than you think” kept rolling around in my mind. I realized something interesting. What if we knew exactly when we would meet our best love–even more when we would decide we wanted to spend forever with them? I think I would do as much as I possibly could to prepare and just be my best self before that day. And I also wouldn’t worry, because I would know that one day it would come. I honestly wouldn’t stress over it.

Does it really matter then, when that day is? Would it be enough to know that it is coming? That moment really changed my whole perspective, and I realized that we get to live every day, striving to become our best, and can know that one day, it will come. Because if we think it is never going to happen, then that little old fortune cookie was packed with loads of wisdom–“The one you love is closer than you think.”

It all takes faith, and the best things in life take time–as long as we are using our time in the best ways possible, opportunities won’t pass us by.


Note: So, I started somthing called a “tomorrow book” on my mission. As I would talk with poeple I would often learn of things I wanted to do or follow their example when I was at those stages of life–marriage, college, family, etc. I LOVED HAVING THAT BOOK! It has become one of my most prized posessions, and now, I can put something in there for tomrrow, and then keep living in the moment knowing that I have it when I need it. Give it a try! You will be amazed how much inspiration will come!

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