The Magic of Morning Dates

I am sure we have all had those nights where we are trying to stay awake during a movie date night, or you realize the next day that you should have ended your date an hour earlier…. trying to catch up on sleep for the next three days. People are important, but so is sleep in the whole scheme of things. We have grown so accustomed to calling it “date night.” Definitely with good reason; usually we go out after the homework is at least worked on, we are done with work, or if there are kids around, everyone is taken care of and in bed. The date ends up being the last thing on the list. (Maybe we save the best for last…?) What if we mixed it up? Let me give you an example:

Hands down, I think this date was one of my favorites. I had bumped into an old friend on campus(who I had actually met on a double date years ago..) and we got talking about dating. I thought over everything we talked about, and had a crazy idea. I wanted to set him up (before you start panicking for them, know that I will walk you through one day what that means–I do not believe in setting up, and being a helicopter friend) with my roommate, and he would pick one of his friends to go with me. He was totally up for it, and the planning commenced!! We decided to combine two things my roommate and I loved–hiking and healthy food. 🙂 Can you see why she and I are such good friends?!

The final plan was to pack in everything to make parfaits in mason jars, so we would hike in early, make and enjoy breakfast together, and then hike back. Those two gentlemen were so sweet, and had gone and bought everything the night before. However, the mason jars and reusable lids in the picture below were mine, and I am in love with them! They work with any regular mouth mason jars. Click here to get some of your own! Packing in soup? or Salad? (I lived off Mason Jar salads for a while in North Carolina) I would go with the wide mouth jars, so click (here). They are amazing for picnics, and bringing your best love lunch sometimes 🙂

img_1251we get up early (skipped the make-up….we were hiking!!) and they come to the door. Can I tell you actually how refreshing it was that we were all just in workout clothes, going to spend the morning together? What followed was lots of good conversation up the mountain, amazing parfaits in a little clearing, and amazing views!

Really, I had the best time–no pressure, great company and the best way to start a Saturday. They dropped us back off afterwards and we all got on with our days. Now, I do have to tell you, there were never second dates for either of us. But what came out of it? We spent time with great people, and had an amazing time.

I am definitely a morning person, myself, but I think that all of us have more energy, we’re actually awake, hopefully not exhausted, and there are no curfews in the morning. 🙂 Why don’t we mix it up with a few of theses morning date ideas:

  1. You can do what we did–sunrise hike in, pack a light breakfast to enjoy, and then head back down.
  2. Who doesn’t love smoothies?! Either go out, or invite your date over for smoothies. You can take them on the go and walk and talk.
  3. Go out for breakfast at a place you have never tried. You could go more small town diner (super fun to sit at the bar 🙂 ) or a more trendy place. *One of my favorite bakeries at home serves the best Florentine breakfast sandwich, and it is always a treat!

BONUS: If you like conversation over current events–Grab breakfast, or just hot chocolate or tea, and sit and read the paper together at the park. (or at a cafe) Talk about an opportunity to hear their opinions on things! (you could also start a good book together…)

What a great way to start your day! Good company, and such a good morning!

Wishing you many fun and adventurous mornings 🙂


Grab a great picture while doing one of these? Post to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #mybestloveblog! I would love to see it!

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